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Do you want to list your house? or Do you want to sell your house?

To sell your house or not sell your house, that is the question.

Now here's my answer:

Folks property pricing is key.  And if one more "potential" client tells me that the house across the street, around the corner or down the way is "listed for such and such!", I may just raise my voice at them.  It matters not what other homes in your area are listed for, especially if they are not my listings.  With the housing market in the shape it's in, at least in my neck of the woods, why would an agent want to have his sign up and pay for marketing an inflated priced listing?  

Why would a homeowner choose to believe an agent who provided them with a CMA that doesn't reflect current values?

When I do a CMA I try to use things that have sold in the past 90 days.  Sometimes there are not enough apples that have sold in the past 90 days so I slowly creep back to 120, 150, but NEVER go over 180.  

I recently did not "get the listing" when I did two things: 1- gave them an accurate expected sales price and 2- would not negotiate my commission at the time of listing.

So on to #2

Do you really think you save money when you list at a discounted to the selling agent commission?  I say no.  I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and if you list your home and are not offering 3% to the selling agent do you really think your home is going to be on the top of a buyer's agent's list of homes to show?  Again I say no.  

Sellers do some homework before you let yourself put your house on the market with an agent who just wants to "list" your house.

I had an agent in my area boasting that she had 70 listings the other day.  Whoopee I say.  I sold 4 listings in January.  Miss "I have 70 listings", still has 70 listings.  

When I take a listing I intend to sell your house.  I have a great marketing plan.  Anyone searching for property on Lake Sinclair can search on google, MSN, yahoo and they WILL find my site.  It's right there on the first page every time.  I track where my buyers come from and spend my advertising dollars in places that ARE working for me and for MY sellers.  But right now, I say to you the homeowner who wants to actually SELL your house and not just LIST your house, price is key.  Find an agent with not only a great marketing plan, but one who will give you a fair, truthful, honest assessment of what the list price really should be.  Look carefully at the CMA, when did those homes sell?  How many days were they on the market?  How many price reductions did they have?  

You can market until the cows come home, but if you don't have your home priced right then having your home "listed" is not going to help you meet your goal of selling it.

If you are thinking of selling in the Lake Sinclair area, call me today and I'll tell you the truth about our market and provide you with a CMA that shows an accurate suggested list price to sell.  Because if I don't actually sell your house I don't get paid.  That's right I don't get paid to "list" homes, I get paid when I "sell" one.

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